Toward Superior Products & Services and The Winning of Customers for Lifetime in the World of Trade Globalization Focusing On Serving & Winning the Customers in the World of Globalization

Class Limit/ (Maximum 20) Duration 2 Days
   Available in English & in Arabic

In this world of trade globalization, no business or service can long survive except by committing to quality improvement.
The training will provide the participants with a thorough understanding of the Total Quality Management Process, especially in understanding customers and meeting their expectations. It will assist the participants in getting
their improvement process off to a successful start, molding the process to their needs and for a permanent fit within their organization.

This training is very necessary for the employees to master. It will help and guide them through a very structured process to learn all the skills needed to serve their customers better, whether internal customers (employees & management) or external customers (those who buy our products and services and those vendors who supply us with
products & services). The theme for "Better Customers Relations" will also be introduced. The training course participants will also be introduced to the concept of "Globalization of Trade & Its Expected Outcome", this will help them sharpen their skills so they conveniently meet the productivity demands of their business.

This is a two-day workshop.


  • Introduction & Background
  • Evolution of Word Trade Organization & KSA
  • Understanding the Fundamentals & the Roots of Quality
  • World Economic Chaos & the Emerging Needs for Competencies (Quality)
  • Workshop Objectives
  • Quality A New Definition / Focusing on Understanding Customers
  • Personal Quality / The Necessity
  • The Five (5) Essentials That Build Quality Culture
  • The Eight (8) Elements That Implement The Quality Improvement Process
  • Summary, Conclusion and Open Discussions se participa