Introduction to Data Communication & Computer Application.
System Development WORKSHOP

Class Limit (Maximum 20) Duration 2 Days
   Available in English & in Arabic

  Delegates will have excellent understanding of the various elements that make Information Technology. The training will explain in details and in easy language most of the technical terms used in Computer Data Processing applications and their roles, including application systems development cycle. . The concept of Internet (Web & Database Technology) will be also explained.

  Companies nowadays are beginning to realize that people are the key to maximizing the advantages of the Information Age. They must rely on people to innovate, apply new technologies, collaborate and expand their knowledge and skills to truly achieve their overall business objectives.

  As business companies are at the door of the 21st century, they must be given the resources they need to thrive in an environment of constant change.


  • Data Processing - Understanding the Elements
  • Centralized & Distributed Processing - A Look At
  • Transmission Channels, Facilities & Data Signaling
  • Modes of Channel Operation
  • Data Transmission Encoding Methods (Bit & Byte)
  • Asynchronous Vs Synchronous Transmission
  • The Modem & Carrier Wave - An Understanding
  • Ear, Sound & Computer Communication
  • Early Computer Systems
  • The Concept of the LAN, the Web, Internet & DB Technology
  • Computer Application System Development Cycle (Automation)
  • Closing (Questions And Answers)