Understanding the Web Mail & Its Applications

Class Limit (Maximum 20) Duration 1 Day
   Available in English & in Arabic

  Delegates will have the opportunity to learn the Web Mail and easily master its applications. This is an interactive (face-to-face interaction), comprehensive, and an easy delivered training package that explains in details all elements of electronic mails, concentrating on the use of the "Web Mails".

  The purpose of this training is to help all computer desktop people efficiently and effectively use the email system through the internet. The Web mail (most widely used mail through Microsoft Outlook) will be fully explained and the participants will have a handout of every single topic covered in the training.

Agenda - The Topics to be explained in detail:

  • Logging in & Using the navigation bar
  • Reading your messages
    • Printing a message
    • Reporting junk email, or "spam"
    • Viewing HTML-formatted messages
    • Messages that contain JavaScript or Java applets
    • Checking for new mail

  • Sending messages
    • Creating messages
    • Spell Check
    • Sending HTML-formatted messages
    • Saving copies of outgoing messages
    • Replying to messages
    • Forwarding messages

  • Deleting messages
  • Attachments
    • Viewing, downloading, and creating attachments

  • Folders
    • Creating, renaming, and deleting folders
    • Transferring messages between folders
    • Sorting messages & Moving around in a folder

  • Filters
    • Creating, editing, deleting, and working with folders

  • Address Book
    • Creating, viewing, editing, and deleting entries
    • Sending email from your address book

  • Group Lists
    • Creating, editing, and deleting group lists
    • Sending mail to group lists

  • Personalities and Signatures
    • Creating, using, and editing personalities and signatures
    • Changing the default personality

  • Preferences
    • Changing your password
    • Mail forwarding
    • Enabling vacation auto reply
    • Saving outgoing messages
    • Display settings & Emptying trash at logout

  • Logging out