Strategic Planning
Strategic Thinking Workshop

Class Limit (Maximum 20) Duration 1 Day
   Available in English & in Arabic

Strategic Planning is the continual process of making entrepreneurial (risk-taking) decisions systematically and with the greatest knowledge of their futurity; organizing systematically the efforts needed to carry out their decisions; and measuring the results of these decisions against expectations through organized systematic feedback.

Delegates will have excellent understanding of the various elements that make up strategic plans. The training will help them support the planning functions in their departments and be capable to coordinate effectively all related tasks that make up a complete, well developed structured plan.


  • The Brain, The Process Of Thinking, And The Journey Toward Change
  • Long Term Profitability
  • Integration & Communication
  • The Definition & The Benefits
  • The Plan Characteristics & The Planning Manual
  • Understanding the Competitive Environment
  • External Factors Analysis & Understanding WTO
  • Analyzing Your Position
  • Situation Analysis (Info. Gathering Process)
  • Setting Objectives & Strategies
  • The Implementation Process
  • Closing (Questions And Answers)