Effective Negotiation Workshop

Class Limit (Maximum 20) Duration 1 Day
   Available in English & in Arabic

Conflicts and disagreements occur every day in our personal and professional lives. When they occur in the work place, they may have marked impact on our performance and on that of our company.

Conflict is inevitable and accompanies all changes and growth. Without it, boredom can take place. Differences are profoundly important and need to be expressed and integrated into creative solutions.

Negotiation is an active problem solving process that helps different or opposing positions (thru communication) achieve common interests and agreements. Negotiation occurs at all levels, interpersonal, intra-organizational, and inter-organizational.

The training will provide the participants with the skills needed to help them attain their goals during any negotiation process they are involved in. The participants will have the opportunity to learn the mechanics of Win-Win negotiation and become successful negotiators who practice trust, openness, positiveness, and partnership.


  • Understanding The Basics
  • Negotiation, Definitions And Stages
  • The Negotiation Team And The Leader
  • Preparing For Negotiation
  • The Negotiation Session - Starting & Closing
  • Barriers To Effective Negotiation
  • Win-Lose & Win-Win Negotiation
  • Power Tactics & Defenses
  • Non-Verbal Aspects Of Negotiator
  • Barriers-Prone Negotiation
  • Closing (Questions And Answers)