An Introduction To GATT Evolution
 WTO & KSA - The Globalization

Class Limit (Maximum 20) Duration 1 Day
   Available in English & in Arabic

This is an introductory type training to help people become aware of globalization and the roles GATT has been playing toward the emergence of World Trade Organization (WTO). The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been actively working to secure a permanent and active membership role in WTO.

Understanding GATT evolution through out the history and learning the various elements that make up WTO are essential and critical to our business processes. This can better help us be prepared to strongly face global economy competition.


  • Introduction & Background
  • The 20th Century Characteristics
  • The World Prior To WTO
  • The Evolution Of GATT
  • The GATT And Trade Globalization
  • GATT Was Insufficient
  • The Emergence Of WTO
  • WTO Roles & Organization Structure
  • WTO - Agreements Principles - Multi-Lateral - Pluri-Lateral
  • WTO - Liberalization of Trade - The Protocol
  • KSA & WTO - The Administration Structure - High Level
  • KSA - An Important Role In World Economy - The Why?
  • KSA Commercial Market - The Features
  • WTO & The Web - The Internet
  • The Globe Challenges Ahead
  • As Year 2005 Is Coming - The Expectation & The Good Preparation
  • Closing (Questions And Answers)