Quality Improvement Process

Class Limit (Maximum 20) Duration 2 Days
   Available in English & in Arabic

The training will concentrate on building quality culture from scratch through the creation of the five (5) Quality Essentials, implementing and systematizing the eight (8) elements that will make the five essentials a reality.

The training will help individuals as well as organizations to build quality culture through possessing and mastering the five essentials & the eight elements.

The followings will be explained in details through the workshop:

  • Define the performance (Essential #1) so that everyone understands in the same way what it is you wish to accomplish. Decide how to measure the performance (Essential #2) Establish the objective the performance must achieve (Essential #3)

  • Implement a system within which the performance can occur (Essential #4) Commit to the performance, measurement, objective and system as the only acceptable quality values within the organization (Essential #5)

  • Implement the Eight (8) Elements that make The Quality Improvement Process. 

    Each of these elements will be explained in details:
    • Management leadership
    • Organization
    • Education
    • Develop sensitivity for customer expectations
    • Quantifying conformance
    • Communication
    • Action
    • Annual plan