Guidelines On Effectively Managing Human Resources
Public Relations

Class Limit (Maximum 20) Duration 1 Day
   Available in English & in Arabic

This type of training is tailored made for managers/supervisors who belong to Human Resources and who are heavily involved in career planning for their employees.

The training is designed to help management in general establish and implement an excellent system of various policies and procedures that help successfully manage the progress of the employees from the time they are hired to their exit interviews. The training will also focus on building great public relations within and outside the organization.


  • Introduction & Background
  • The Critical Role of Training
  • Business and Organizational Awareness
  • Career Days & The Building Of Public Relations
  • Hiring Guidelines
  • Career Center - Job Placement Posting
  • Job Description - Documentation
  • Successful Job Interview
  • Career Planning, Motivation and Development
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Exit Interview
  • Closing (Questions And Answers)