Project Management Workshop

Class Limit (Maximum 20) Duration 4 Days
   Available in English & in Arabic


Technical institutions and colleges do prepare people purely in the technical areas and the academic management colleges and institutions do prepare people in the management and human related areas and this is actually common every where.

A great number of projects failed in the past and a lot of resources were wasted, because the project leaders/ managers and those who were closely involved, either company employees, contractor workforce, or other customers were not properly trained in both areas (technical & managerial).

Project Management is one of the most complicated fields of study and this is due to its broad scope. It is connected to the core business processes as well as the supporting business processes. Therefore those who will be involved in managing projects whether they are suppliers (provide products & services) or customers (provide requirements) are required to develop and sharpen their skills in this area so they can successfully (effectively & efficiently) play their expected roles in their organizations to drive their business processes forward.

One of the most exciting things in life is to transform our ideas into tangible achievements using whatever means are available to us. Every time ideas are transformed into facts, an elementary process called project execution has taken place. Projects may be developmental as in the case of a new idea or well-known when all parameters involved in its execution have been experienced before.

To develop and sharpen our skills in Project Management, the following topics will be covered in detail.

Agenda Day 1
Timing Session
General Introduction

  • Introduction To Competencies And The Concept Of Superior Job Performance
  • Information Technology And The Concept Of The Web And The Internet In The Self Development Issue
  • Understanding Leadership In The 3rd Millennium

(Morning Session)
Project Planning

  • Communication
  • Benefits
  • Plan Characteristics
  • Documentation & Flow-charting
  • Planning Manual
  • Project Objective
  • Characteristic Of A Goal
  • Identifying The Goals
  • Developing Priorities
  • Breaking Down Goals Into Manageable Tasks

(Afternoon Session)
Agenda Day 2
Timing Session
Building And Developing An Effective Team For The Project

  • Team Developing Cycle
  • Team Rationale And Expected Output
  • Team As Opposed To Group
  • Effective Team Members/Leaders
  • Methods Of Responding To Conflict
  • Team Leaders And Competencies
  • Setting Or Clarifying The Goal
  • Characteristics Of A Goal
(Morning Session)
Developing And Managing A Contract

  • How A Contract Is Developed And How It Is Managed
  • Understanding Various Contracting Policies And Procedures
  • Looking At The "Pro Forma Contract" & How It Is Formed
  • Contractor Performance - A Look At
  • Understanding And Handling Claims

(Afternoon Session)
Agenda Day 3
Timing Session
Implementing The Project Plan

  • Schedule Project Activities
  • Network Activities And Data Bases
  • Definition Of Terms
  • CPM Scheduling Example
  • Calculating ES, EF, LS, LF, TF (Group Exercise)
  • The Project Managers & Cost Estimating
  • Value Engineering & The Concept Of Productivity
  • Constructing A Network
  • Activity Scheduling - PERT & CPM In Focus
  • CPM And The Contract (The Connection)
  • The Process And The Tool
(Morning Session)
Effective Negotiation

  • Negotiation, Definitions And Stages
  • Understanding The Components
  • Preparing For Negotiation
  • The Negotiation Session - Starting & Closing
  • Barriers To Effective Negotiation
  • Win-Lose & Win-Win Negotiation
  • Power Tactics And Defenses
  • Non Verbal Aspects Of Negotiator
  • The Closing

(Afternoon Session)
Agenda Day 4
Timing Session
How Well Do You Speak, Develop And Deliver Excellent Presentations

(Morning Session)
How To Handle Stress (Project Managers & Stress)

  • Stress What Is It?
  • Stressors What Are They?
  • Stress How Does It Start?
  • Stress A Chemical Reaction & Results
  • Stress And Communication (The Connection)
  • Stress Memories And Feelings
  • Meeting Unexpected Stressors Successful
  • Stress Management Techniques (Body, Spirit, Mind)
  • Understanding Human Beings (Behavior & Improvement)
  • Our Safety And Our Celebration

The Final Closing

(Afternoon Session)