Secretarial Skills Training Workshop

Class Limit (Maximum 20) Duration 1 Day
   Available in English & in Arabic

Secretaries do require good training to develop skills in communication, verbal and nonverbal, and of course written communication to be able to understand spoken communication and of course to transform this spoken communication into very effective writing, such as writing Letter, Memos, Faxes, Minutes, and even reports. They will also be given the opportunity to understand how a presentation is developed using state of the art computer technology, such as Microsoft Office Suite Power Points.

The training will also cover all aspects of Time Management starting from analyzing how time is spent, identifying time wasters, define goals, schedule time, implement the schedule, evaluate, improve, and tools utilization, such as Microsoft Outlooks and its practical application in using emails. The participants will also be given training in stress management and will be exposed to various techniques to help them better handle stress at work as well as at home.

Business Process Analysis and Procedure Development with Flowcharting Techniques is covered during this type of training; this will also include the technology tools available. Delegates will be able to understand their required business processes and have the required skills in developing and writing procedures as part of their continuous improvement process. As they master the skills required, their well developed structured written documentations will be in line with ISO standards, this will help ISO audits to be performed successfully and of course, will provide an ongoing opportunity to improve work processes in general. Skills such as gathering the right information to build a business process model, the ability to analyze business processes into their elements, the ability visualize and communicate process flow, to synthesize the information gathered into accurate models describing business activity.

Agenda - Communication:

  • Understanding the Fundamentals
  • Communication (4 Types)
  • Language And Its Usages Awareness
  • Knowledge The Power
  • Communicating & Dealing With Different Behaviors & Attitudes (Win – Win Approach)
  • Bases Of Speeches And Speech Ingredients
  • Improving Your Memory
  • 10 Points For Delivering Excellent Presentation
  • Writing Standards & Liabilities - Guidelines On How To Write: (Notes, Minutes, Memos, Telex, Facsimile, Letters & Reports)

Agenda - Time Management:

  • Analyze How You Currently Spend Your Time
  • Identifying Your Time Wasters And Outline Strategies To Deal With Them
  • Define Your Goals
  • Schedule Your Time
  • Implement Your Schedule
  • Evaluate Your Schedule And Make Improvements
  • The Tools - Conventional & Technology - Microsoft Products Outlooks for Emails & PowerPoint For Presentations

Agenda - Stress Handling:

  • Stress (What Is It?)
  • Stressors (What Are They?)
  • Stress (How Does It Start?)
  • Stress A Chemical Reaction & Results
  • Stress And Communication
  • Stress Memories & Feelings
  • Meeting Unexpected Stressors Successfully
  • Stress Management Techniques (Body, Spirit, Mind)
  • Understanding Humans - Behaviors & Improvement
  • Our Safety And Our Celebration
  • Closing (Questions & Answers)

Agenda - Business Process Analysis & Procedures Development With Flow-charting Techniques:

  • Total Quality Management And Its Basics
  • The Quality System And Q.S. Documentation
  • The Power Of Analytical Ability & Re-Engineering On The Job
  • Business Process Analysis And Procedure Development With Flow-charting Techniques
  • Writing Standard – How To Write A Business Procedure & A Work Instruction