Qualification In Sales & Marketing - Comprehensive Training Workshop

Class Limit (Maximum 20) Duration 4 Days
   Available in English & in Arabic

The seminar will focus on how to increase profits, improve and develop Marketing and Selling Skills in a highly competitive market in the Gulf region. In this five (5) day training, we believe that the participants will gain solid experience in understanding the strategies of Sales and Marketing, this of course may very well return excellent benefits to them and to their organization as a whole.

The seminar will also focus on the importance of communication and will provide the participants with the skills needed to effectively communicate and will provide them with sophisticated skills on how to develop letters, reports, memos, faxes, minutes, using international standards. The workshop also will provide the participants with the skills needed to improve their memories and deliver excellent presentations.

Furthermore the seminar will also focus on using time efficiently and effectively. Time in sales and marketing is a limited resource. Everyone has the same 168 hours a week. As the class participants master time management, they learn to balance the many pressures on their time and still achieving their goals. They need to manage time effectively and efficiently; this of course, will help them avoid burnout and stress in any area of their lives. Stress management techniques will also be explained in details to help the participants successfully master "The Know How" of dealing with any stressful situation.


"Day 1"
1. Understanding the Fundamentals
2. Marketing and Its Basic Concept
3. Business Objectives & Ethics
4. WTO Evolution & KSA
5. World Economic Chaos & Competencies
6. The Sales & Human Competencies
7. Motivation
8. The Evolution Toward Marketing Company Era

"Day 2"
9. You And The Communication. How Well Do You
Maintain your memory?
Develop & Deliver Excellent Presentations?

"Day 3"
10. Establishing Good Selling Habits
11. Understanding Customers
12. The Marketing Mix & Performance
13. Marketing, Sales And the Difference
14. A Sales Person & Human Sub Consciousness
15. The Seven Deadly Sins Of Business Selling
16. The Competencies Of Business Selling
17. Marketing, Sales And The Connection
18. Marketing Strategy & Environment Variables
19. Marketing And The Sales / The Requirements
20. The Black Box Approach & The Full Awareness
21. The Selling Process

"Day 4"
22.  Time Management/ Analyze How You Currently Spend Your Time
23. Identifying Your Time Wasters And Outline Strategies To Deal With Them
24. Define Your Goals
25. Schedule Your Time
26. Implement Your Schedule
27. Evaluate Your Schedule And Make Improvements
28. The Tools
29. " Day 5"/ Stress Management Techniques/ How To Deal With Stress?
30. The Closing