Defensive Driving Training Workshop

Class Limit (Maximum 20) Duration 4 Hours
   Available in English & in Arabic

There are 4 critical success factors that can help organizations and their people maintain their success.

They are as follows:

1. A healthy, safe and secure place to work
2. Preferred supplier
3. Preferred investment
4. A work environment that helps employees attain their ultimate potential and empowers them for maximum contribution.

It is quite true that "SAFETY" is No. 1 priority and it is always first. Without safety, productivity can easily be compromised and hence will definitely harm all critical success factors, just mentioned above. This can cause a process of "DISORDER" which is contrary to efficiency and effectiveness.

I am quite astonished with the number of accidents (Kingdom wide) on a daily basis that continues to climb. These accidents affect all of us and they are all caused by people and only people. 96% of these accidents are caused by a human error, actually by "DRIVERS" and those drivers continue to drive without any slight improvement in their driving habits, ignorance and negligence continue to prevail. It is our fate that we have to survive and cope with the environment that we live in.

People play different roles in their lives, a doctor, an engineer, a technician, a labor, whether professional or industrial, technical or administrative, they all have one and only one common denominator and that is being a "DRIVER" or a "PASSANGER". They all either have to drive or ride. It is necessity, especially during this critical time that we all survive through.

So, it is common practice that most of the people drive daily and it is rare nowadays to find an employee who does not drive. The driving license even is becoming a prerequisite for employment. So driving is imposed on us and therefore we have to accept it, understand its parameters, and to be able to perform it safely.

Defensive Driving Training Workshop is designed to help our employees develop appropriate defensive driving behaviors that help them successfully and peacefully cope with all driving elements they face while they are on the road.

"DEFENSIVE DRIVING" is characterized by: (1) Understanding drivers' behaviors and motives, (2) Understanding traffic rules and regulations, (3) Understanding roads' conditions, (4) Understanding atmosphere and environment, (5) Understanding the vehicle, and (6) By developing the ability and motivation to help our employees implement appropriate driving behavior to safely deal with any situation that may arise, is actually to

"Expect the Unexpected"

Defensive Driving Training Workshop


1. Introduction & Background
2. Angle, Parallel & perpendicular Parking/ (General rules)
3. Backing up Safely
4. Sleep and Fitness
5. Road Hazards (Expect the Unexpected)

"Expect the Unexpected"

  • Sharp curves
  • Intersections
  • Road repair areas
  • Changed lane widths
  • Pedestrians
  • Cyclists
  • Objects on the road

6. Town and City Hazards (Pedestrians, Cyclists, Parked Vehicles)
7. Highway Hazards (Slow moving vehicles, Train Crossing, Camels & other animals)
8. Speeding
9. Driving Conditions (High - low beam, Glare, Humidity/Moisture, Slippery, Blow/Blowing, Fog)
10. Tire Safety
11. Defensive Driver Beware
12. Car Maintenance
13. Why Wear A Seat Belt
14. General Awareness (What You Need To Know About Auto Accidents)
15. In Case Of An Accident (What To Do)
16. The Closing