Establishing Good Selling Habits WORKSHOP

Class Limit (Maximum 20) Duration 2 Days
   Available in English & in Arabic

Some people believe in myths surrounding the selling environment. They unfortunately believe that sales people are born not made, that must be good talkers, that can sell anything, such as selling the ice to the Eskimos, that selling is a matter of knowing the right techniques, and etc.

We all have to agree that money will cause a "Choice" and we have to improve the performance of that "Choice". In order to do that, we definitely have to get rid of the myths surrounding the selling environment. Therefore, this special seminar is designed to help sales representatives sharpen their skills in the sales area and develop good habits that help them better understand customers and be able to fully understand requirements and fulfill them, especially in this very highly competitive environment. The habits that will make them superiors as sales representatives, will be fully studied and comprehended; this will provide them with the proper knowledge that helps them achieve their business objectives.


1. Understanding the Fundamentals
2. Business Objectives & Ethics
3. World Economic Chaos & Competencies
4. The Sales & Human Competencies
5. Motivation
6. Establishing Good Selling Habits
7. Understanding Customers
8. The Marketing Mix & Performance
9. A Sales Person & Human Sub Consciousness
10. The Seven Deadly Sins Of Business Selling
11. The Competencies Of Business Selling
12. Understanding The Selling Process
13. The Closing (Questions & Answers)