Effective Listening WORKSHOP

Available in English & in Arabic

How Well Do You

Listen And

Maintain your memory?

The seminar will focus on the importance of communication, specifically the listening part of it which is considered to be the most important part of the communication process. This dynamic and interactive workshop will provide the participants with the skills needed to effectively and efficiently use their hearing/ listening organs and it will also provide them with the skills needed to improve their memories.


1. Introduction & Background
2. Understanding the Fundamentals
3. Listening The Fact (The Outer, The Middle, & The Inner Ear)
4. The Physiology Of Hearing & The Four Stages Of Listening
5. Developing Good Listening Habits
6. Active & Productive Listening
7. Improving Your Memory
8. The Five Types Of Feedback
9. Understanding The Process Of Persuasive Listening & The Win-Win Approach
10. Closing (Questions And Answers)