Effective Presentations Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Available in English & in Arabic

How Well Do You Speak,

Maintain your memory,

Develop & Deliver Excellent Presentations? 

The training part will focus on developing and delivering excellent presentations. Speech is defined as a verbal composition designed to appeal to a particular audience. It is targeted, interesting, clear, believable, and motivating. In order to fulfill the requirements of a good successful speech, the participants must learn all the skills that qualify them for excellent speech delivery. Therefore, this particular training session will provide the real opportunity for the participants to actually practice and rehearse delivering speeches and making sure that their skills (behavioral as well as theoretical) are sharpened so they can be well prepared for the real ones.


1. Understanding the Fundamentals/Bases Of Speech (Logo, Ethos, & Pathos)
2. Speeches & Subjects
3. Speech & The Process Of Audience Analysis
4. Organizing A Speech (The Theme, The Core, & The Conclusion)
5. Speech & The Process Of Moving People
6. Speech & Picking Up The Exact Language
7. The Dynamic Speaker & Memory Improvement
8. 10 Points For Delivering Excellent Presentation
9. Understanding Microsoft PowerPoint