The Globalization Challenges of the 3rd Millennium
Quality, Information Technology & WTO

Available in English & in Arabic

Is to help the participants become well aware of globalization and the roles GATT has been playing toward the emergence of World Trade Organization (WTO). Understanding GATT evolution through out the history and learning the various elements that make up WTO are essential and critical to their business processes. This can better help them be prepared to strongly face global economy competition.

In this world of trade globalization, no business or service can long survive except by committing to quality improvement. The training will also provide the participants with a thorough understanding of the Total Quality Management Process, especially in understanding customers and meeting their expectations. It will assist the participants in getting their improvement process off to a successful start, molding the process to their needs and for a permanent fit within their organization. 

The Information Age is a time of amazing opportunity and a time of great change We have to understand that technology is changing business at a lightening-fast pace. In Internet time, everything is just a mouse click away. This is a new horizon of science that’s called “Quantum Physics” or if we put it in a simple term, it means; honoring the invisible. That is all about the new emerging business term “e-Business”.  e-Business is a logical evolution of E-Commerce, even though e-Business existed way long before E-Commerce. “e-Business” today transfers the technology of the web inside and between organizations to integrate business operations.  Everyone agrees that the early 20th century skills simply are not adequate for life in the 21st century, therefore in order for the participants to judiciously, peacefully and safely interact with this virtual world they live in, it deems so necessary for them to have a clear understanding of this amazing fast growing E-Language and E culture. Whether they are fully entrenched in e-Business practices or just starting out, the more they understand, the more they can lead.

Agenda 1/ WTO – Globalization Challenge:

1. Introduction & Background
2. The 20th Century Characteristics
3. The World Prior To WTO
4. The Evolution Of GATT
5. The GATT And Trade Globalization 
6. GATT Was Insufficient
7. The Emergence Of WTO
8. WTO Roles & Organization Structure
9. WTO - Agreements Principles - Multi-Lateral – Pluri-Lateral
10. WTO - Liberalization of Trade - The Protocol
11. WTO & The Web/The Internet

Agenda 2/ TQM – Quality Challenge:

1. Understanding the Fundamentals & the Roots of Quality
2. World Economic Chaos & the Emerging Needs for Competencies (Quality)
3. Quality A New Definition - Focusing on Understanding Customers
4. Personal Quality - The Necessity
5. The Five (5) Essentials That Build Quality Culture
6. The Eight (8) Elements That Implement The Quality Improvement Process

Agenda 3/ Information Technology (e-Business & E-Commerce):

1. The Evolution Of Information Technology And The Concept Of (e Change)
2. The e-Business And The E-Commerce - The Clarification
3. The e-Business And A Real Application In Dynamic Customer Service
4. e-Business And The Integration Of The Internet, Intranet, and The Extranet (A Real Business Case)
5. Mastering The e-Business Language
6. The Internet, Intranet, The Extranet, And The Web  - Understanding Their Computing Power
7. e-Business And The Security Issue
8. e-Business: Linear Vs Integrated, Information To Knowledge, Paper Money To Digital Cash, Linear Approach To Quantum Physics
9. e-Business – Planning And Integration (Some Thoughts)