Management Information Systems In The 3rd Millennium

Available in English & in Arabic

In the current business climate, companies are striving to meet their corporate business objectives by minimizing cost while maintaining high level services for their customers. These companies are now beginning to realize that people are the key to maximizing the advantages of the Information Age. They must rely on people to innovate, apply new technologies, collaborate and expand their knowledge and skills to truly achieve their overall business goals.

The Internet further propelled business transformation by altering the way companies can deliver products and services. As business companies are at the door of the 21st century, they must be given the resources they need to thrive in an environment of constant change.

Technologies and strong competitions will prevail. It will be the castle of: 

▶ A man of innovation
▶ A man of productivity
▶ A man of multi-skills 

Quality will only survive and economical growth of a nation will be based on quality and capabilities of its internal resources. All energies will be allied to create opportunities, secure long-term profitability, and to engrave an ever-lasting “success” that recognizes the power of:

▶ Energy
▶ Innovation
▶ Partnership
▶ Performance
▶ Reliability 

Therefore, individual productivity is a must to meet regional and global competition. Human training and development is highly needed to prepare appropriate knowledgeable manpower who are capable of meeting all the challenges ahead successfully.

Management Information System is the type of training that embraces three important and dynamic elements; they are: (1) People System, (2) Information Technology System, and (3) Quality Assurance System. In this training course, the participants will have the opportunity to deeply understand these three elements, properly master their languages, and know how to deploy them successfully in their respective work environment. The training will cover the following topics in details:

  • Understanding The Power Of People System And How To Develop 21st Century Leaders In Business Environment.

    Management Information System relies on those people who are highly qualified in not only understanding MIS, but in actually building it. Therefore, developing leaders with what is called “Emotional Intelligence Skills” is a must as the first step toward mastering MIS. People do not follow people. They follow ideas and dreams. People follow those who will help them reach their dreams. So, the corollary is that people who seem to be closer to success (to dreams, ideas, or whatever) are the leaders. Good leaders can see where they and their followers are headed, and how they will get there. It is a ”Vision”. The training is designed to provide the participants with comprehensive knowledge to help them master the skills the good leaders should have. The training will help the participants become effective leaders and be able to develop themselves as well as to develop others.

    A leader is a hero, a facilitator, a motivator, a guide, a self developer, a mentor and of course a champion of new ideas who fights for their success and who brings out the best in people and beautifully leading them. People would be amazed at what would happen to their country’s revitalization if more and more organizations were run this way! Therefore, to share this great benefits, this training was designed and developed to make it so easy for our people to understand it first and then to buy in its philosophy.

  • Mastering Information Technology System - Do We Really Speak The Technical Language Of The 3rd Millennium Business Processes.

    The Information Age is a time of amazing opportunity and a time of great change. Process re-engineering, downsizing, and PC proliferation were a tea party compared with what’s next. We have to understand that technology is changing business at a lightening-fast pace. In Internet time, everything is just a mouse click away. Therefore in order for the people of this universe to judiciously, peacefully and safely interact with this virtual world they live in, it deems so necessary for them to have a clear understanding of this amazing fast growing information technology. Whether they are fully entrenched or just starting out, the more they understand, the more they can lead. The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.

    This important and critical topic will help the delegates have excellent understanding of the various elements that make Information Technology. The training will explain in details and in easy language most of the technical terms used in Computer Data Processing applications and their roles, including application systems development cycle. The concept of the Internet (The Web & Database Technology) will be also explained.

  • Quality Assurance System And The World Standard Compliance – Do We Comply To International Standard In Our Already Established People System & Information Technology System?

    In order to maintain a state of the art people system and a state of the art information technology system, quality improvement process shall be established and the only way to make it happen is by implementing what is called “Quality Assurance System”. In other means, the ISO standard requires audits to be conducted on various Quality Systems, such as the people system & information technology system, which will help ensure that the Quality of products/ services continue to meet or exceed customers’ requirements. Business Process Analysis and Procedure Development with Flowcharting Techniques will also be covered during this type of training; this will also include the state of the art Microsoft technology product namely “Microsoft Visio” and its application. Delegates will be able to understand their required business processes and have the required skills in developing and writing procedures as part of their continuous improvement process. As they master the skills required, their well developed structured written documentations will be in line with ISO standards, this will help ISO audits to be performed successfully, which will help in the improvement process.

    As we can see from the aforementioned explanation, Management Information Systems is really a broad field of study and it requires a good understanding of various elements. This training will provide a great opportunity to the participants, so they can easily understand how all these elements are put together and integrated to provide a great value to everyone.
  • Every employee, from CEO to forklift driver, is now seen as responsible for safety
  • Safety and health training awareness contribute to the health of the company
  • Safety is every ones’ job and product
  • The people most likely to spot problems on the job are those who are performing
  • Teamwork is a must for the creation of a safe, secure, and healthy type of work environment
  • In successful teams, each member buys into the team’s and the company’s goals, safety constitutes a solid one

In conclusion, it is not enough to only provide a secure and healthful place to our employees, but we shall also provide them with the needed actual training, so they can be self aware and responsible for their actions and therefore their produced products/ services are very well integrated with safety. We all agree that hazards shall be eliminated or at least controlled as quickly as possible and our objective is doing what we are saying, so safety becomes our solid skill.

Agenda - Understanding The Power Of People System And How To Develop 21st Century Leaders In Business Environment 

  • Introduction & Background
  • Skills In Sizing Up The Other Person
  • Dimensional Model & Superior Behaviors (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)
  • Behavior & Improvement
  • The Motives For Undesirable Behaviors
  • Interaction & The Right Atmosphere
  • Effective Speech, Effective Memory, And Persuasive Listening
  • Motivation & Delegation - The Concept
  • Sizing Up And Managing People’s Behaviors (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)
  • Managing Up
  • Negotiation, Conflict, Communication, Language, And Knowledge
  • Managing Peers
  • Time To Practice

Agenda - Mastering Information Technology System - Do We Really Speak The Technical Language Of The 3rd Millennium Business Processes

  • Data Processing - Understanding the Elements
  • Centralized & Distributed Processing - A Look At
  • Transmission Channels, Facilities & Data Signaling
  • Modes of Channel Operation
  • Data Transmission Encoding Methods (Bit & Byte)
  • Asynchronous Vs Synchronous Transmission
  • The Modem & Carrier Wave/ An Understanding 
  • Ear, Sound & Computer Communication 
  • Early Computer Systems 
  • The Concept of the LAN, the Web, Intranet, Internet & DB Technology 
  • Computer Application System Development Cycle (Automation)
  • The Internet & Its Application
  • Understanding The 4 Major Steps In Developing & Publishing A Website:

    • Create Your Web Folder

    • Create Your Shared Border

    • Apply Your Theme

    • Add Your Pages With The Needed Link, Hyperlink, Sounds & Movies, e-Learning, The Concept Of Using Camtasia and Various Animation

  • Understanding Photo-draw Application
  • Creating Adope Acrobat Files
  • Understanding Camtasia & e-Learning (e-Training) 

Agenda - Quality Assurance System And The World Standard Compliance – Do We Comply To International Standard In Our Already Established People System & Information Technology System?

  • Introduction & Background
  • Total Quality Management And Its Basics
  • The Quality System And Q.S. Documentation
  • Business Process Analysis And Procedure Development With Flow-charting Techniques
  • Using Technology Tool Such As Microsoft Visio
  • Auditing
  • Types And Depths Of Audits
  • Planning And Resourcing The Audits
  • Audit Preparation And Checklists
  • Audit Performance And Techniques
  • Audit Reporting And Follow-Up