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Quality Assurance

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Economy in the 3rd millennium values knowledge as a tangible asset, where customers are considered to be prosumers (active participants in commerce), where organizations are integrated networks as opposed to hierarchical structure, where technology is digital as opposed to analog, where employees are shifted from skilled laborers to knowledge workers, those who have the information have the knowledge and hence have the power in implementing it. Therefore, it is requirement and necessity nowadays that each of us should be able to integrate the power of cognitive, technical, and emotional intelligence skills in order to perform superbly any task assigned. This process of perfecting the performance depends heavily on what is called: “QUALITY ASSURANCE”.

The Industry & The Process of Quality Assurance:

1. Quality is consistent conformance to the agreed-upon customers’ expectations

  • What will it take to have employees who are superb in their performance?
  • What will it take to convince our employees that being always (consistent) superior in performance is good for everyone; themselves first, suppliers, customers, and management?
  • How do we measure consistency and performance?
  • Who will be in charge in the measurement process?
  • How do we identify customers’ requirements?
  • What kind of tools we need, so we can always be superior in our performance?
  • Who is doing what, where, when, why and how?
  • How do we capture our data and where do we store them?
  • Who will use our data for measurement and continuous improvement process?
  • Why and how do we capture our commitment in writing?
  • Who does comply and who does not and what will be the consequences?
  • Do we really as employees understand risks and crisis?
  • Do we have a system that enlightens us in clearly understanding our duties, obligations and rights as it comes to the business processes?

And so on ….

All these questions and others can only be answered by establishing a system of processes that everyone understands and commits to.  

A process is defined by transformation of input into output with added value; this means, that every employee should understand, that adding values to their business processes is considered to be part of their performance and it is an expectation. In order for the employee to add any value to the business process, the process first should be captured in writing; otherwise, improvement will never take place. Here is the power of quality assurance that comes into action.

Quality Assurance means:

(1)    Say what you do
(2)    Do what you say you do
(3)    Write what you do
(4)    Improve what you do 

Employees in general when they understand that they are working in organizations that are well established in their linear and dynamic systems, their performance will be superb, because they are taking real part in the business processes and they are committed to this great objective. This is what I call “OWNERSHIP”. So, for employees to buy in, we as a management, are required to build the environment and culture, so they can grow in an environment that is conducive to quality performance, in other words, it is called:  “CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT”.

Having a well established system that is understood by everyone and it is clear in its objectives, will for sure help the employees to commit to it and it will be for the interest of everyone, that the measurements and the improvement will for sure return great benefits to them.

A company nowadays shall take the lead in implementing this linear and dynamic system that helps its sales force clearly understand their duties, obligations and commitment in moving its business forward, so the whole company can be superb in its performance, which will make productivity process part of its culture. This training course is geared toward introducing the system of quality assurance in sales and marketing, so the whole process will be formal and official. The training will concentrate on the formalization process of sales and marketing and help the sales force really understand their upcoming expected roles and safely, securely, judiciously and smoothly buy in. It is our main commitment and objective to help them in this transformation process and we will do our utmost best to provide real dynamic training that will really open their appetites toward superb performance, in other words, qualify them as outstanding performers in the 3rd millennium. And of course, the help and the support of everyone is needed to kick off this campaign, which I pray to Allah Almighty to help us all in this great and peaceful mission.


  • Introduction, Background And Objectives
  • A vision that is worth pondering
  • The Marketing Concept in the 3rd Millennium
  • The value of system thinking
  • Marketing & TQM a management discipline 
  • Quality system documentation through ISO
  • Defining target markets/customers
  • Sales budgeting annual (strategic plan)
  • An efficient & effective journey & call plan
  • The sales tools
  • Preforming the actual selling process
  • Competencies are greatly needed for superior performance
  • Sales reporting and records
  • Decision making & working relations
  • Sales activities & performance measurement 
  • Issues management & lessons learned - Risk & Crisis Management