An Awareness Training on:

The Balanced Scorecard Business Concept

Available in English & in Arabic

Let us understand this universal language and framework, otherwise, we will all be left with its dust.


The human mind has a natural capacity and a need to make sense of what may seem random or incomprehensible. That is one of the forces that drive civilization onward. We as human can develop our ability to remember what is important to us by just making sense of it. The Balanced Scored Business Concept does make a lot of sense to me and therefore, I am pleased to share this experience with you, so the sense can be shared.

You call it:

You call it IQ, I call it awareness, they call it alertness, or it is called recognition, vigilance, attention, grasp, learning, senses, knowledge, and so on. 

It is all about consciousness and conscience. It is a state of the mind that recognizes the other, whoever, whatever, and whichever this other might be. It is all about the recognition of our complement. Without the other, there would be no human and this is the reality and it is a universal one. Therefore, the belief is strong, powerful and effective. In other words, we actually acknowledge this important fact.

IQ which stands for Intelligence Quotient represents the human awareness of the self. EQ Emotional Quotient” represents the human awareness of the other. XQ “Executive Quotient” represents the awareness of our business organizations within this global business world. The question is asked today; do we need the knowledge of the three (3) Qs to survive safely, peacefully, and judiciously? The answer of course, is “YES”.  

Increased competition, more demanding customers (internal and external), and of course evolving markets, these are all represent the current characteristics of the business world today. With this amazing developed, changing, grown, progressed, advanced, gone forward markets, ninety percent (90%) of organizations worldwide don’t perform their business processes in according with the international standard.

TQM, ISO, Quality Assurance, A Structured and Dynamic System, Emotional Intelligence, whatever naming convention or nomenclature you give it, the method of communication is the same and only one. In our Arabic tradition, we call it: Al-Joudah” and in English, they call it: QUALITY” (of an Arabic origin means qua liy) which means the power of qualification, that means that we have to be perfect in our performance and the perfection must be seen and felt by our customers’ hearts and of course documented and reported. This documentation and reporting process helps in providing real objective evidence that we are performing within a given standard and a measurement process to show our credibility is there and we are open for continuous feedback regardless of its origin for the purpose of continuous improvement.

All the aforementioned definitions of quality in general, there are still some people who are on the other hemisphere of our globe, they call it:

The Balanced Scorecard

It is a mixed process of business values integrated with information technology system. It is developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton and it is purely for developing and executing business strategies. An information technology web enabled structured and dynamic system used by qualified professionals to help their business organizations translate their strategies into performance measures that ensure commitment to customers (internal and external). It is a sophisticated system that easily, smoothly and conveniently captures all different kinds of data; customers, internal processes, employees learning, development and growth, and of course capturing data based on financial parameters. This will help in the analysis and decision making process. It is a fully integrated system that complements any business operation regardless of its type.

In conclusion, Balanced Scorecard serves as a “map” of your strategy and allows you to see where are you going, not just where you have been as is often the case with “rear-view mirror” financial results. This training awareness session which includes a real case to demonstrate, will help us to take a look at this process and at least help ourselves to make sense of it. A different language that is innovated by somebody else! But the framework is one, so let us cruise in this exciting journey, so we can all understand this universal language and framework, otherwise, we will be left with its dust.


  • Introduction & Background

  • The Human Mind And The Need To Make Sense

  • The Concept Of The IQ, EQ, And XQ In Business

  • The Business World Today And The Challenges Ahead

  • The Employees And The Concept Of Multiple Intelligences

  • Why, What, And How The Balanced Scorecard

  • The Great Benefits Of Business Concept And Its System

  • From Data To Information To Knowledge To Implementation

  • A Real Successful Case Study For Demonstration

  • Questions & Answers