The Anatomy Of Speed Reading

The Eye & Dynamic Writing

Available in English & in Arabic

The power of speed reading and fast understanding is not a gift given magically to a fortunate few. It is an ability that we can all cultivate for ourselves.

There is no doubt nowadays that Information Technology plays an important role in the process of knowledge sharing. It is actually uniting the people of the universe and helping the process of fast globalization. It is one language and therefore, it is one understanding, this means that everyone has to adapt to this global framework; this of course will for sure contribute to the happiness of the all.

It is our role to maintain a balance between us and the environment, especially since the rate of change is becoming faster and faster and therefore, we must all with no exception, have the skills that help us consistently adapt to all changes ahead. This is the beauty of the 3rd millennium, it is about integration, velocity and a great change, it is actually accepting the change with enthusiasms.

What makes a change exciting, is actually when we transform our great ideas into tangible achievements using whatever means are available to us. It is called “Creativity Through Innovation”, it is strategically the process of turning a vision into reality for the people’s best interests in the short and long run.

The anatomy of speed reading, the eye & dynamic writing training course is our sponsored vision & mission that helps our employees become highly skillful (efficient and effective) in the process of fast learning and fast sharing of this learning with the others. It is actually taking great initiatives and becoming consistently proactive and supportive and this will be the needed self development culture that helps everyone to be involved in the learning and the actual doing of this learning.

It is quite true that if we have people who are lagging behind in knowledge and understanding, the whole organization slows down. The faster you can get everyone up to speed, the faster the business progresses. So, the mentoring process requires everyone to participate unselfishly, so we quickly become a learning organization, which helps people move forward out of their comfort zone; this will of course move the whole organization forward. 

The anatomy of speed reading, the eye & dynamic writing training course will provide us with great opportunity to understand our great potential. In everyone of us, there is an amazing brain that has twenty (20) billion cells, each one of these cells is connected to as many as twenty (20) thousands other cells. This brain can generate variety of ideas equivalent to number one (1) followed by eight (8) pages of zeros. In every eye, there are 125 million optical receptors and there are 34,000 sound channels in our hearing system. Isn’t that amazing we have all these capabilities, but unfortunately, we are only using very very little of them. In other words, do we understand this language?

The anatomy of speed reading, the eye & dynamic writing training course will for sure help us understand our potentials. It is going to be a great journey that helps everyone explores the amazing potentials and capabilities. This learning process will help us abandon our old habits and move forward to learn new ones that of course will help us in becoming efficient and effective in reading/ writing fast. Understanding quickly what we are reading, will give us the required skills in developing new materials that will be easy for the others to digest and understand quickly. It is  like taking 250 pages book and turns it into 30 minutes dynamic and digestive presentation. The power here is not in the reading by the audience, but actually, it is in the creative and innovative development of the materials that they were developed strategically with the purpose in mind to make it easy for others to implement speed reading. When everyone does it this way superbly, understanding becomes contagious and as easy as a piece of cake, so their ability to read quickly will be improved by 500% if not more.

We have to understand that the untrained eye takes more time to read as compared to the trained eye. The rhythm and flow of the faster reader will carry him comfortably through the meaning, whereas the slow reader will be far, more likely to become bored and lose the meaning of what he is reading. This process can bring a diminishing return to those slow readers, which will hinder them from taking initiatives and becoming proactive in moving forward. In other words, the organization loses the contribution of the slow readers in the short and long run and therefore, it deems necessarily that we as mentors, to help and support our employees, so all can become faster readers with no exception.

Speeding up a process such as reading and of course writing is a very effective method of enabling people in general to access a larger portion of their mental capacity that they are not using, it is actually new depth of the brain become readily accessible. Let me reiterate what I have said earlier. To acquire the skills of speed reading and dynamic writing requires us to break old habits and form new ones, and this can only be accomplished by training ourselves and learning of course from the experts and this is our vision and mission of this training course, which I hope that our employees will take advantage of it. 

A great concept that I myself learned from this lovely peaceful life, is that in order to turn our vision to a reality, we have to actually lead the process and becoming champions and heroes in spreading the knowledge around. We have to implement and practice what we learn and of course facilitate the process through others, so they become knowledgeable too. We have to be motivators, guides, self developers, mentors and of course champions who take great ideas and fight for their success. Bringing out the best in people is a great mission that involves all of us and I urge everyone to take care of it.


  • Introduction & Background
  • Why Speed Reading?
  • The Mentoring And The Development Process
  • The Speed Reading And The Dimensional Model
  • The Language And The Two Brains Approach
  • The Anatomy Of Reading / Fixation And Assimilation
  • The Anatomy Of Reading And The Eye
  • Speeding Up The Process For Great Improvement
  • Accessing New Depth Of The Brain
  • Fast Reading And Effective Writing – The Dynamic Link
  • Understanding The Power Of Pacing Techniques
  • Breaking The Old Habit & Forming New Ones
  • Bases Of Speeches And Speech Ingredients
  • Improving Your Memory
  • 10 Points For Delivering Excellent Presentations
  • Using Technology Tool Microsoft Office Suite