Understanding KPI 

(Key Performance Indicators)

Within Quality Assurance ISO Standard & IT System

Available in English & in Arabic

The Seminar Objectives:

Is to help the participants become well aware of the 3rd millennium’s business challenges in the Ares of:

1.     Globalization - WTO
2.     KPI – Key Performance Indicators Within Quality Assurance ISO Standard
3.     Information Technology (IT).

In this world of trade globalization, no business or service can long survive except by committing to quality improvement process. The training will provide the participants with a thorough understanding of KPI – Key Performance Indicators within the context of Quality Assurance ISO standard and of course Information Technology. The process will greatly help them understand the value of measurements and how they can be used to meet/ exceed customers’ expectations, whether internal or external, it is actually to assist the participants in getting their improvement process off to a successful start, molding the process to their needs and for a permanent fit within their organization.

A comprehensive case study will illustrate the process and make it easy for our employees to understand and to buy in its philosophy.

State of the art information technology system that has been recently implemented will be demonstrated, so the participants will have a good idea regarding measurement data and assessment results and how they are turned into graphic representations. It is worth mentioning that KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are considered as measurement factors and if we master their knowledge, they can easily guide us through the continuous improvement process, in other words, they are called quality records/ compliance.


  • Introduction & Background
  • The WTO, Quality & Information Technology – The Link
  • Understanding Measurements & Their Application
  • Key Performance Indicators – KPI - Data Sheets & Assessment Developing Process
  • KPI Implementation & Graphic Representation – Compliance
  • KPI & Sophisticated IT System
  • Comprehensive Case Study And A Success Story To Share
  • Questions & Answers Session