A Real Interactive Workshop On 

The Power of Skills' Matrix Toward

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منهجية ومعايير قياس الأداء المتقن في بيئة العمل القيادية

Playing At The Top Of Your Performance

Becomes The Standard

Available in English & in Arabic

Today as we are through the 21st century and the whole world has become one and only one market where technologies and strong competitions have prevailed and the economical growth of a nation is now based on the quality and capabilities of its internal resources and therefore only quality will survive. Employees today must satisfy and even exceed their customers’ expectations, whether internal customers (employees and management) and/ or external customers (those that we provide them with our products and services). Therefore, the customers’ feedback is essential for continuous improvement process. In other words, real assessment is through customers’ feedback solicitation process.

For organizations to be superior in their products and services, two important elements must exist:           

(1) Worldwide Skills’ Matrix Standard, which will help in identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the areas of employees’ performance.

(2) Is to implement a dynamic learning process to help offsetting deficiencies so the employees will be well qualified in their performance.

Yes, it is possible today to implement competencies that help individuals to be superior in their products and services and the template of the 19 world’s recognized competencies guarantee this approach, providing the right appropriate and accurate performance assessment is systematically performed.  

Management in general, represented by a manager or a supervisor or a group leader, does of course play an important role in the assessment process, during job performance or during the initial assessment when the employee is hired. Therefore, management needs to be trained in the assessment process and they should be aware of international standard used and applied in this field of human endeavor. This training course has been developed with an objective to help our management prepares the right atmosphere, using standard tools, so the assessment process can go smoothly. 

A smart management can efficiently and effectively utilize all resources in their area and they can create a short cycle of learning (learn and share learning). This training course will spell out the needed process to create such culture in the organization.

This is the culture we are looking for, a culture, where employees are continually assessed for their performance and are continually enhancing their skills by learning from each others. This will help them become highly developed and capable of doing variety of innovative work. 

Energy does not only mean gas and oil, or heat or power. Energy also means, the human energy, the power of human to achieve the best out of the best, helping each others to learn from each others in an environment and culture that promotes the concept of objective assessment and continuous improvement. In such a great culture, employees perform better with an open mind and they soon feel proud of their products and services and here they reach the stage of reliability. 

In looking for superior job performers, first we better prepare ourselves to:

1. Appropriately and objectively utilize Skills’ Assessment Global Standard, so our employees become qualified in providing the best products and services.                                                                                       

2. Shorten the cycle of learning by letting employees learn from each others, promoting self development process and to make sure, it is an integral part of our organizational performance.


  • Introduction And Background 

  • Employees And Their Great Role In The 3rd Millennium’s Business Processes

  • Understanding The Concept Of Performance Measurements

  • The Power Of Implementing Global Skills’ Matrix And The Use Of Templates

  • Utilizing Business Models In The 21st Century Through The Process Of Quantum Physics Approach (Turning Our Organization Into A Vehicle Of Productivity)

  • Are We Ready To Meet These Challenges And Move  To A Higher Level Of Human Accomplishments - Becoming Real Business Leaders

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