Change Management
Managing A Change

Available in English & in Arabic

Designing, Developing & Creating The Needed Culture For Change

Perhaps one of the most important things to understand is the tremendous speed at which change occurs today, where economic conditions, technological breakthrough, and consumer preferences can unearth new opportunities or causes loss of business almost overnight. We are living in the 21st century, the 3rd millennium; we are in the Information Age, a time of amazing opportunity and a time of great change. The problem is that most business organizations are not set up to respond quickly enough to change.

Universal wisdom simply states the ethical principles and values when they are implemented and practiced by the people of any business organization, the change process can be safely and successfully accommodated. Simply enough, do what is right, treat others, as you would expect to be treated with trust and dignity. It really deals with the essence of down-to-earth values. It is a very powerful concept of how during the process of change, to humanize your whole organization and turn everyone into a winner and a hero.

These ethical principles and heroic behaviors are the kind of logical common sense fundamentals of life that too often get lost in big business. It explains simply what a healthy relationship means at an organizational level. Therefore and in order for our people to participate in creating and implementing such ethical heroic business culture, a good understanding of what will it take to make it “a reality” is a must. Therefore, this comprehensive training course spells out all needed steps to create such dynamic and very active system that embraces everyone in its business process during the time of constant change.

A great concept that I myself learned from implementing and practicing such beautiful ethical culture and values, that a hero is a leader, a facilitator, a motivator, a guide, a self developer, a mentor and of course a champion of new ideas who fights for their success and who brings out the best in people and beautifully leading them. People would be amazed at what would happen to our country’s revitalization if more and more organizations were run this way! Therefore, to share this great benefits, this training workshop is designed and developed to make it so easy for our people to understand it first and then to buy in its philosophy.


1. Introduction & Background
2. The Process of Change and Its Dramatic Role
3. Understanding the Status Quo & Situation of Frustration
4. The Heroic Business Environment and the Need for Good Communicators
5. Understanding the Needed Principles of the Ethical Environment
6. Walking Our Talk – What We Allow We Teach
7. How to Respond To Conflicts and Dissident Behavior
8. Managing Stress & Its techniques
9. The Dynamic Equilibrium Of The People Values And Business Values - The Regularity Of Long Term Profitability
10. The Power Of Implementing & Practicing Globally Sponsored Skills’ Matrix
11. Playing At The Top Of Your Game Becomes The Standard