Class Limit (Maximum 20) Duration 2 Days
   Available in English & in Arabic

  The seminar will focus on helping the participants become excellent team members who are committed to and capable of accomplishing their team's goals and objectives. Their team membership participation is an explicit component of their overall work. These team members require training to gain the skills required to guide a team to accomplish its business objectives.The participants need to be alert to the dynamics of the team and skillful in intervening to change those dynamics when they become disruptive. Further, effective team members require skills in planning and conducting meetings. The training workshop will help the participants develop those skills.


  • Introduction & Background
  • Understanding the Fundamentals
  • The Team Developing Cycle
  • Team Rationale & Expected Output
  • Team As Opposed To Group
  • Effective Team Members/ Leaders
  • Methods Of Responding To Conflict
  • Team Leaders & Competencies
  • Setting Or Clarifying The Goal
  • Characteristics Of A Goal
  • Productive Teams & Skills/ Balancing Needs
  • Stages Of Group Development/ (Me, Conflict, We, Work)
  • Group's Structure & Components (Mission, Leader, Members, Task, Organization, Culture Norms & History)
  • Principles Of Fellowship
  • Teams And Projects
  • Motivation, Celebration, & Events
  • Closing (Questions And Answers)